Website Call Tracking Set-up And Reporting :

Gone are the days when websites just served the purpose of imparting information. In today’s world, your website is constantly growing, and it serves many more functions than just informing.

Google tracks phone calls through the use of their call extensions. However, did you know that if someone clicks on your paid ad, visits your website and then picks up the phone and places a call that this action may not be tracked? This is a big miss in determining the overall success of your paid initiatives.

We understand that constantly tracking the fate of these calls can be extremely time-consuming. More importantly, when you want to focus on your products, its inventory, and the services, monitoring these ads is nothing less than a hassle.

When you sign up for your Website Call Tracking, we not only help you setup but also report every move on it. It’s only by analyzing the trends on these calls, that we can devise a strategy to help you sell better.

Give us a try today, and experience the difference!

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Great job from Walt. I just needed someone who could make sure my AdWords campaign started off on the right foot and he held my hand across the bridge. Thanks!

Sergio Diaz