Bing Ads :

Bing AdCenter or Bing Ads

Bing Ads:

Bing Ads is the step brother of Google Adwords and is another possibility which can help you reach up to 162 million customers by using Microsoft and Yahoo sites (including Yahoo Search, Bing, and partners). Bing ads now account for 30% total search engine share, and also has recorded 6 million searches a month.

The internet has made 24/7 shopping a reality. So given any time of the day, millions are looking for products and services across the globe or at least, where internet is available.

Sure, Google has a variety of advertising solutions, but it may not contain the one you are looking for. Bing Ads may be the solution for your business. They offer lower bid rates, and even the competition for keywords is less, which may make them favorable for you.

If you are already on Google Adwords, and want to add another network of possibility, you can simply import your existing Adwords campaign into Bing Adcenter.

Click Control Marketing knows what works, so let us help you today.

Need more reasons to advertise on Bing Adcenter or maybe you can’t decide which option is more suitable for your goals? Either way, we can help! Make complex business decisions easier with our expertise in this area. Make that call today!

Depending on your need we can help you to:

  • Account Creation
  • Account re-structure
  • On-going Management & Optimizations
  • Audits
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Landing Page feedback
  • Conversion Setup & Tracking

Come talk to us about your particular requirements, and we can design a package that works for you! Call us today!

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